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SsangYong 'Actyon Sport Ute' Racing Series

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What is it? The SsangYong Racing Series (SRS) has become a very successful “Grass Roots” free to air televised [TV3’s CRC Motorsport Show] Manufacturer backed Championship series for amateur drivers. The Series kicked off back in September 2014 and has succeeded in becoming a major support category within New Zealand’s newly formed Premier Motor Racing Series at all their North Island rounds, including the Australian Supercar meting on the 6th and 7th of November 2015. The 7 round SRS Championship starts on the 17 & 18th of October 2015 and finish’s at Pukekohe on the 16 & 17th of April 2016.

OK so what are the race ute’s specs? Each of the 30 Ssangyong Actyon Sport race utes are identical in every respect, and because it’s a “one make” manufacture backed series its also a tightly controlled category, so our competitors can have absolute confidence that all the race utes are exactly the same spec, with no variations allowed between the vehicles – so that it really comes down to driver ability, as apposed to who has the biggest chequebook! The 2.3 litre Mercedes-Benz petrol engine is controlled by a dedicated LINK ECU purpose designed and manufactured here in New Zealand and specifically calibrated to suit the engines application in motorsport. A five-speed manual gearbox transmits engine torque to the rear axle which has now been equipped with a limited slip differential, in order to help control wheel-spin. 18” alloy wheels fitted with Federal’s multi purpose treaded tyre’s ensure good traction in all condition’s, and keeps cost to a bare minimum which is the objectThe race tuned suspension is also lowered and incorporates adjustable rebound dampers which allows the competitor to fine tune the suspension to his or her liking. The race utes also now features disc brakes all round complete with competition brake pads and a manually controlled cockpit bias adjuster.

Who can race? Anyone can, male, female, young or old, with a fondness for fun and adventure regardless of experience, as well as those with the desire to give motor racing a real crack. The SRS is restricted to amateur driversWho currently makes up the field? The SsangYong Racing Series has morphed into a competitive racing category for up-and-coming drivers looking to make their way up the motor racing ladder. At the moment there are vey limited options available between Karting and V8 Touring cars, and none of these affordable options such as Formula First have any television exposure. SRS gives these youngsters not only a place to hone their race craft – but also to be widely recognised for achieving results in a very competitive environment. In saying that there are a number of other drivers involved with the series that just want to “give it a go” and enjoy the comradeship that goes along with our series. Several of these amateur drivers have also delivered some impressive results out on the track too.

What is up for grabs? The winner of each round wins the $1,000 of a $3,000 per weekend prize pool, plus a prestigious SsangYong Racing Series Trophy to be proud of. Prize money is paid down to 10th place courtesy of our Elf lubricants partner. The Overall SRS Championship Winner gets the ‘big’ one – the Sir Colin Meads ‘PineTree’ Trophy plus a guaranteed all-expenses paid co-drive along side either Deon or Rick Cooper in either their Ford GT40 or the Shelby Mustang, in the 2016 Mahindra Endurance racing Series, held over 3 weekends starting in late April and ending in Late June 2016.

So if I want to race one? Easy, and it’s very affordable. Make contact with our race Director and Series Coordinator Mark Petch, mark@ssangyongactyon racing.co.nz, or alternatively robyn@ssangyongactyonracing.co.nz and they will happy to explain it all to you.

The SsangYong Actyon Race Ute comes to you ready to race as a blank canvas ready for your graphic designs – no excuses, now is the time to live your dream by getting yourself out there on the track!

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